BD, Partnerships, and Growth Weekly Update

🫡 Good morning to all 500+ of you 🫡

Thanks for tuning in to 3RM’s first Network Notifier! We have a lot of really great updates to run through - including about onboarding to our Private Beta 👀 over the next few weeks.

Strap in!

3RM's Company Vision:

Our team has learned so much from you over the past few months and we feel an incredible amount of responsibility to build the best tools for you. We wanted to provide more insight into the value and importance of what we are building.

You can read about our vision for the future of sales in web3, and the responsibility we feel to build it for you here:

The Responsibility In Building Sales Tooling For Web3
It’s been awhile since we’ve shipped any products, services, or updates to our community and there is a good reason why: As we started building the sales infrastructure for the decentralized internet, we realized that we have a tremendous amount of responsibility in how we come to market

Let us know what you think!

Product Update

F!@# it, let’s just get it in the hands of users and go from there

Have a read of 3RM’s October Product Update by our VP of Product, AK!

Community Introduction


Welcome to the 3RM Business Developer, Partnerships, and Growth Community for People In Web3 Who Want To Actively Participate And Engage With Each Other Community.

Or as we like to call it: 3BDPGCPWWWAPEWEOC.eth (yes we own the ENS).

We believe that this community already consists of the brightest minds in all things BD for web3. Now, to make it easier for anyone to learn from and contribute to the space, we’re giving the community a new home.

And guess what; it’s not in Discord!

Below you will find the different ways to start participating, from simply following along via the Notifier, connecting with other professionals in web3, to hosting an IRL event for members.

They all take place in the channels you enjoy most, so join whichever you prefer! Or don't!

3RM Blog and Newsletter

Our Blog and Network Newsletters will be contained here:

You can expect the Network Newsletter to be a high-level overview of the activity that occurs throughout the week. We’ll be meeting with members of the community each week to collect and share their opportunities, any new projects, content, introduction requests, events, and deep dives into their organizations.

Read our first post below!

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Twitter Community

You can join our Twitter Community here:

The Twitter Community is open for anyone to join. We’ll use it to share ideas, ask one another questions, and engage with one another.

It’s a curated channel of ideas directly from those interested in building the future.

Telegram Group

You can join the telegram group here: Business Development, Growth, and Partnerships Channel is an open group for all to join.

The purpose of this group is to take action, spark connections, and coordinate.

Asynchronously Connect

Coordination Form:

Every Monday, we’ll be using the responses recorded in the above form to teach the rest of the Network about your organization. We want this to be a way for members to speak directly to the community about their opportunities to collaborate.

The form collects the following:

  • Opportunities – any jobs on contract work that you are looking to source for
  • Content – share content that is relevant to the community and have it highlighted on our various channels
  • Cool projects – if you discover or are shipping something that would impact the space, post about it here
  • Introductions – list anyone that you would like to be introduced to and either a community member or the 3RM team can work to facilitate that introduction
  • Events – highlight anything upcoming that you are excited about (online or IRL)
  • Deep dive – sign up for a deep dive and a member of the 3RM team will reach out explore developing content together around your business and practice that will be shared with all members.

Anyone is able to participate at any time and it will be shared on various community channels for distribution.


You can find all of the organizations that make up the 3RM network here:

Consider it the first Directory of web3 organizations that can help your organization grow! Members of the 3RM Network can submit introduction requests and a member of our team will follow up shortly!

Upcoming Events (IRL and Online)

This is a directory of upcoming 3RM community events.

Our team will consistently update this page to reflect Twitter Spaces, Community Calls, and any IRL events that we host. We occasionally get together for dinners and happy hours and those will be highlighted here.

Wednesday, November 2nd

Thursday, November 3rd

Say hi to our team!

We would like to introduce you to the team building

  • Jan Rosen has 28 years of experience and was a former Director of Software Engineering at Venmo + PayPal with an incredible track record of growing the best engineering teams.
  • Ahmad Kadhim has 10 years of experience in product roles at startups like 500px, #paid, and ActivateStaff, growing the latter from 0 to $1.2MM ARR.
  • James Nicholls graduated from Cambridge with a Master’s of Engineering and developed his craft building consumer fitness apps. Transitioning into web3 last year, he’s led design in numerous Developer DAO projects and the DevNode Protocol spin-off.


If you want to stay involved but none of the channels above are your preference, feel free to subscribe to this newsletter!

As always, I'll see you in the DM's.

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