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This is v.2 of the Network Notifier, 3RM’s roundup of what you should know going into another week of web3.

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ETH Your Heart Out

The California earthquake of April 18, 1906 ranks as one of the most significant earthquakes of all time. In response to such a monumental event, San Francisco decided to rise out of the ash and rebuild. Thus the 1915 Panama-Pacific International Exposition, San Francisco's Worlds Fair, was born. The fair welcomed 18 million visitors to the city, many coming to see the recently constructed symbol of San Francisco’s perseverance, The Palace of Fine Arts.

More than 100 years later, innovation  returned to the venue, hosting the ETHSanFrancisco Hackathon last weekend. In a week filled with negative news and outlooks across the crypto market, the Ethereum Community was busy building:

These stats on their own place ETHGlobal in a tier above most other hackathons, but to fully grasp how impactful these events have been for the Ethereum ecosystem, you have to zoom out. The team organized 15 additional hackathons around the world in 2022. Impressive I know. Zoom out to the last 5 years and the full picture becomes clear. ETHGlobal has put on a total of

42 hackathons resulting in:

  • 1,000+ Hours of educational talks
  • 3,500+ Projects created,
  • 50k individuals onboarded to web3
  • $3.5M+ awarded in prizes
  • $250M+ being raised as companies

Learn about the 13 Finalists that won a portion of ETHSanFrancisco’s $300,000 Prize pool.

🚀 Ethereum goes Ultrasound - Bankless Pod

While everything seemed to be going to shit, the Ethereum Network hit an important milestone: the number of ETH burned was higher than the amount of ETH being Issued.

What does that mean? Well, it helps to first understand Ethereum’s economic engine and how its design decisions (EIP-1559, Proof-Of-Stake, Issuance, etc.) emerge as an incredibly bullish evolution of sound money: Ultra Sound Money.

For that, I’ll turn to Justin Drake, a researcher at the Ethereum Foundation, who is leading the charge of applied cryptography on the Ethereum network.

So What is Ultra Sound Money? It is an “Ethereum meme focusing on the likely decrease of the ETH supply. If capped-supply gold (Bitcoin) is sound, decreasing-supply ether is ultra sound.”

Wait so why does this matter? It matters because Ethereum’s security gets cheaper as we burn ether.

Here’s actual smart guy David Hoffman of Bankless to explain more:

Crypto-economic systems are integrated systems that can both be optimized in isolation. ‘Cryptography’ is the domain of engine design, and ‘economics’ is the domain of fuel optimization.
ETH is the fuel that powers the Ethereum economic engine.

Ethereum needs to be a sustainable crypto-economic protocol that we can pass down to our kids, and to our kid’s kids, and so on. In order to do this, Ethereum needs to be maximally efficient with the resources at its disposal. The entire design effort around ETH 2 is to enable Ethereum to create a maximally secure platform with the minimum necessary resource expenditure necessary to maximize longevity and sustainability.

As a result of this, ETH the asset has been optimized for soundness.

Maximizing Ethereum security requires optimizing for the soundness of ETH. You can’t maximally protect Ethereum without also maximizing the moneyness of ETH. When both the engine and its fuel are maximally optimized, the economic engine can move mountains.

Source: Bankless
Images: https://ultrasound.money/

DID I Do That? - Web3 Credentials → A Primer

Over the next few weeks, we'll be exploring the world of DID and verifiable credentials. Now whether you're completely new to the concept of DIDs or you already have your Disco Data Backpack, this primer is essential reading for those looking to follow along.

Need a Primer for the Primer? Here's Disco's definition:

DID is a globally universal and resolvable name-tag, which represents any organization, person, or object aka the DID Subject.

Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs) - These are like aliases for our existing addresses (Ethereum address, email address, website, Bitcoin address, etc.) that make it easy to prove ownership and control over other identifiers.

They’re self-generated + self-owned.

Each address is unique to a single DID, like a keychain that holds many keys we need to use to access gated doors! They’re a safeguard for aspects of our digital presence via cryptography.

Importantly, they’re a non-centralized, universally discoverable way for you to own your credentials.

Source: disco.xyz

🏰 New Guild Who Dis

A few weeks ago, 101.xyz announced on Twitter that they had integrated with Guild.xyz.

If you're not familiar with either company, here's the TLDR.

101.xyz: 101 is a way to make and take online courses that issue configurable crypto rewards and credentials. Think “Coinbase Earn” but as an open platform. Or “web3 Coursera”. In the short term, they're focused on helping DAOs make courses for onboarding new members and assigning roles within their community. In the long term, they believe that their on-chain learning platform represents the future of all online learning.

Guild.xyz: Guild provides users with automated membership management for their communities. Token-enabled membership creates exclusive levels in your community and manages them with blockchain assets.

So! Why do we care about this integration? We care because it's two community-centered products, one gating access, the other granting keys, using verified credentials to provide their users a brand new experience.

Building the Community - (Interest Form, Twitter Community)

Last week, I wrote out my goals and commitments surrounding the BD, Growth, and Partnerships community. I broke it down into four key areas:

  1. Writing the Playbook
    For professionals in BD, Growth, and Partnerships roles in web3, the strategies and tactics that worked in traditional. We'll share what's working across web3.
  2. Declaring your Value - Form
    In a decentralized world, organizations thrive when they understand the role they play. In Growth, BD, and Partnerships, being able to clearly communicate this is the fast track to success.
    Tell the community what your organization brings to the table
  3. Community-First Lead Generation - Coming Soon
    Two questions to cut to the chase: What do you need? What do you offer? Whenever we come across an opportunity at 3RM we aren't suited to take, we'll share it with the Community so everyone's aware
  4. Take the Mic - email ryan@3rm.co to discuss the details!
    Each week, we'll be sitting down with a member of the community to get their unique perspective on what's driving success and what pitfalls to avoid in the corner of crypto they operate in.

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Our friends at Peaze just announced their raise today, so we felt who better to put in the Member Spotlight (oh yeah this is a thing probably). We

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Alexandria Labs - website, twitter

  • Tagline: “Read, browse, and publish web3 ebooks. Alexandria books can never be taken down. They’re accessible globally. Mark them up, send them to friends, and save them for the next generation.”
  • Offer: “We're ready to support book releases for any authors, publishers, or DAOs looking to compile and/or publish web3 books.”
  • Looking For: “First, an introduction to Charged Particles! Also, we're open to collaborating with chains that are able to offer funding to companies that build on their tech. We currently support Ethereum and Optimism and want to expand out to become more multi-chain.”

Roll - website, twitter

  • Tagline: “Roll is social token infrastructure for the creator economy.”
  • Offer: “Come mint a token on Roll and use Roll's free web3 products to build on-chain treasury and liquidity.”
  • Looking For: “More DAOs and NFT projects to participate in some cool on-chain memberships going on and some cool use cases - https://memberships.tryroll.com/
  • Events: Recurring Twitter Spaces
  •  New Tokens Monday (10-11am ET)
  • Memberships Thursday (1-3pm ET) every week

Fuel Labs - website, twitter

Real E Chain - website, twitter

  • Tagline: “We are a team of crypto professionals with backgrounds in crypto venture capital, and marketing top for 500 projects on CoinMarketCap. Our experience covers bringing NFT projects to life by creating engaged communities to help top DeFi and Web3 projects gain more users for their beta on Testnet.”
  • Offer: “Marketing services for web3 companies. We have access to proprietary tools to aggregate the contact information of your target audience and reach out to them at a low cost and much higher engagement rates. We can also help your project generate various types of copy and content to help grow brand awareness and brand engagement. The team has been fully immersed in the web3 culture since 2017. We are here to help you get more users and more LTV from each user.”
  • Looking For: Any Web3 company with marketing needs. more details at https://www.realechain.com/marketing
  • Links:
  • Polyswarm.io
  • Cofi.app

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