Start Here

We are and we are working to build the future of sales.

Our core focus is coordinating and building into a consistently developing industry. We want to enable sales, marketing, and support professionals in web3. The purpose of this community is to enable collaboration and shape the future of growth for the decentralized economy.

Here is how we are starting:

3RM Blog and Newsletter

Our newsletter will primarily focus on the distribution of community knowledge and engagement. Each week, 3RM will connect with various members to share opportunities, new projects, content, introduction requests, events, and deeper dives into organizations within the community.

In addition to updates from the 3RM product team, we want to create valuable actions and insights for our members. You can expect the newsletter to be a high-level overview of the activity that occurs throughout the week.

If you want to be involved with the developing conversation of the progression of the space, check out the more personal options we offer below.

Twitter Community

Web3 BD, Growth & Partnerships Twitter community is an invite only community for our active members.

The purpose of this channel is to have a more asynchronous way to share ideas, asks, and conversation topics inside of the community.

Joining the Twitter community grants access to other members, the content that they share, and a curated channel focused on connection.

Telegram Group Business Development, Growth, and Partnerships Channel is an open group for all to join.

The purpose of this group is focused around more consistent activity in the space. Conferences, events, and other relevant links surrounding web3.

Connect With Community

This is a weekly intake form that is sent out with every newsletter and blog post. It will be occasionally highlighted in the Twitter and Telegram groups.

The purpose of the form is to engage members in the most productive way possible – taking up as little time as possible.

In the form, you can share:

  • Opportunities – any jobs on contract work that you are looking to source for
  • Content – share content that is relevant to the community and have it highlighted on our various channels
  • Cool projects – if you discover or are shipping something that would impact the space, post about it here
  • Introductions – list anyone that you would like to be introduced to and either a community member or the 3RM team can work to facilitate that introduction
  • Events – highlight anything upcoming that you are excited about (online or IRL)
  • Deep dive – sign up for a deep dive and a member of the 3RM team will reach out explore developing content together around your business and practice that will be shared with all members.

Anyone is able to participate at any time and it will be shared on various community channels for distribution.

3RM Network

We started building the Network page as a directory for better introductions and business development. If you are a member of the 3RM Network, feel free to submit introduction requests on the Network page and someone from our team will be in contact about fulfilling those introductions for you.

Upcoming Events

This is a directory of upcoming 3RM community events.

Our team will consistently update this page to reflect Twitter Spaces, Community Calls, and any IRL events that we host. We occasionally get together for dinners and happy hours and those will be highlighted here.

We believe that decentralization should allow our members to exist where they want to. We will work to distribute content in the platforms that you already use and not require you to check a Discord or miss an opportunity to be involved because you have other obligations.

Our hope is to create a community that supports all of our members without any restrictions.